Current research topics

Nonequilibrium charge dynamics in atomic- and mesoscopic structures
The aim is to generate and control spin-dependent charge currents and charge polarization of confined electronic systems by sculpturing the time, phase, and polarization properties of the driving field appropriately.

Field-driven quantum spins
In correlated spin models, we study the influence of intrinsic interactions and external driving fields on the quantum information content and seek ways for coherent control and use in quantum information processing.

Geometry and topology in quantum evolution
We study the quantum dynamics of geometrically confined systems in driving fields with nontrivial topology and intending to access and sustain nonequilibrium states.                                                         

Strong fields
We study the high harmonic generation in structured, highly intense fields to obtain high harmonics with predefined polarization and phase properties.  A further topic is the possible control of spins and electrons in strong THz fields.                                 

Noncollinear magnetism
We study the dynamics in non-collinear magnetic textures, emphasizing magnonic transport and the effect of the non-collinearity on charge transport.                                                  

Superconductor/magnetic heterostructures
Using coarse-grain models, we study the coupling mechanisms of magnetic textures to a mesoscopic superconductor with the aim to control the superconducting properties and the spin dynamics in a cooperative way to achieve new functionalities.                    

Temperature-assisted spin dynamics
We study the role of temperature on the dynamics of classical and quantum spin and seek ways to realize quantum thermodynamic machines based on spins.