Conversion of electronic to magnonic spin current at a heavy-metal magnetic-insulator interface

Wang X.G., Li Z.X., Zhou Z.W., Nie Y.Z., Xia Q.L., Zeng Z.M., Chotorlishvili L., Berakdar J., and Guo G.H.

Phys. Rev. B 95, pp 020414(R) (2017)

Electronic spin current is convertible to magnonic spin current via the creation or annihilation of thermal magnons at the interface of a magnetic insulator and a metal with a strong spin-orbital coupling. So far this phenomenon was evidenced in the linear regime. Based on analytical and full-fledged numerical results for the nonlinear regime we demonstrate that the generated thermal magnons or magnonic spin current in the insulator is asymmetric with respect to the charge current direction in the metal and exhibits a nonlinear dependence on the charge current density, which is explained by the tuning effect of the spin Hall torque and the magnetization damping. The results are also discussed in light of, and are in line with, recent experiments pointing to a new way of nonlinear manipulation of spin with

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