Functionalizing Fe adatoms on Cu(001) as a nanoelectromechanical system

Schüler M., Chotorlishvili L., Melz M., Saletsky A., Klavsyuk A., Toklikishvili Z., and Berakdar J.

New Journal of Physics 19, pp 073016 (2017)

This study demonstrates how the spin quantum dynamics of a single Fe atom adsorbed on Cu(001) can be controlled and manipulated by the vibrations of a nearby copper tip attached to a nano cantilever by virtue of the dynamic magnetic anisotropy. The magnetic properties of the composite system are obtained from ab initio calculations in completely relaxed geometries and turned out to be dependent considerably on the tip-iron distance that changes as the vibrations set in. The level populations, the spin dynamics interrelation with the driving frequency, as well as quantum information related quantities are exposed and analyzed.

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