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  Verfasser Titel
1 Abrikosov, Aleksej A. Methods of quantum field theory in statistical physics
2 Agranovich, Vladimir M. Electronic excitations in organic based nanostructures
3 Aharoni, Amikam Introduction to the theory of ferromagnetism
4 Akkermans, Eric Mesoscopic physics of electrons and photons
5 Aktas, Bekir Magnetic nanostructures: with 5 tables
6 Altland, Alexander Condensed matter field theory
7 Binder, Kurt Monte Carlo simulation in statistical physics: an introducti
8 Blahous, Josef Statistische Thermodynamik: eine Einfuehrung mit 145 Beispie
9 Blundell, Stephen Magnetism in condensed matter
10 Bransden, Brian H. Physics of atoms and molecules
11 Bub, Jeffrey Interpreting the quantum world
12 Butz, Tilman Fourier transformation for pedestrians
13 Chikazumi, Soshin Physics of ferromagnetism
14 Cohen, Ronald Elliott First-principles calculations for ferroelectrics: fifth Will
15 Cohen-Tannoudji, Claude Photons and atoms: introduction to quantum electrodynamics
16 Fiorani, Dino Surface effects in magnetic nanoparticles
17 Gallop, John C. SQUIDs, the Josephson effects and superconducting electronic
18 Greiner, Walter Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics
19 Haroche, Serge Exploring the quantum: atoms, cavities and photons
20 Hewson, Alexander Cyril The Kondo problem to heavy fermions
21 Ivchenko, Eougenious L. Optical spectroscopy of semiconductor nanostructures
22 Kampen, Nicolaas Godfried Stochastic processes in physics and chemistry
23 Kernighan, Brian W. The C programming language
24 Kittel, Charles Introduction to solid state physics
25 Kuebler, Juergen K. Theory of itinerant electron magnetism
26 Kulik, Igor' O. Quantum mesoscopic phenomena and mesoscopic devices in micro
27 Lundqvist, Stig Theory of the inhomogeneous electron gas
28 Marder, Michael P. Condensed matter physics
29 Negele, John W. Quantum many-particle systems
30 Nielsen, Michael A. Quantum computation and quantum information
31 Nolting, Wolfgang Analytische Mechanik: mit 54 Aufgaben mit vollstaendigen Loe
32 Nolting, Wolfgang Elektrodynamik: mit 94 Aufgaben mit vollstaendigen Loesungen
33 Nolting, Wolfgang Klassische Mechanik: mit 97 Aufgaben mit vollstaendigen Loes
34 Nolting, Wolfgang Methoden und Anwendungen: mit 92 Aufgaben mit vollstaendigen
35 Nolting, Wolfgang Spezielle Relativitaetstheorie, Thermodynamik: mit 115 Aufga
36 Nolting, Wolfgang Statistische Physik: mit 133 Aufgaben mit vollstaendigen Loe
37 Nolting, Wolfgang Viel-Teilchen-Theorie: mit 110 Aufgaben mit vollstaendigen L
38 Oitmaa, Jaan Series expansion methods for strongly interacting lattice mo
39 Papastavridis, John G. Analytical mechanics: a comprehensive treatise on the dynami
40 Pauli, Wolfgang Theory of relativity
41 Peschel, Ingo Density-matrix renormalization: a new numerical method in ph
42 Pitaevskii, Lev Bose-Einstein condensation
43 Shapiro, Moshe Principles of the quantum control of molecular processes
44 Shen, Yuen-Ron Principles of nonlinear optics
45 Taflove, Allen Computational electrodynamics: the finite-difference time-do
46 Tannor, David Joshua Introduction to quantum mechanics: a time-dependent perspect
47 Thijssen, Jos Computational physics
48 Tinkham, Michael Introduction to superconductivity
49 Vachaspati, Tanmay Kinks and domain walls: an introduction to classical and qua